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Our cloud computing power is dedicated to your needs from micro-services to private infrastructure.

Our Env services

User/Month + VAT price with annual payment in advance.
Possibility of discounts for purchases over several years. 
We can offer any custom solution in the cloud.
For more info, please contact us!

from €25.00


  •  5
  •  2GB 
  • Psql, Mysql, MariaDB, etc
  • Database in unlimited
  • cluster
  •  Backup
from €10.00 


  • Unlimited
  •  10 GB
  •  SSD Pro
  •  Unlimited 
  •  Backup
from €5.00


  •  Unlimited
  •  20 GB
  •  From 1vCPU and 1Gb Ram
  •  SSD Pro
  •  of 2tb network traffic 
  •  Backup


Our team is able to build your scalable infrastructure in the cloud, meeting all your requirements.
We can provide you with a production or testing environment, completely configured and managed in compliance with all applicable GDPR regulations. In addition, we can simply provide you with an environment that you can manage under complete autonomy.
Thanks to our experience, we can also help you build your Cloud Kubernetes or Openshift infrastructure, including a complete "toolchain devops".

Depending on the service chosen, the guaranteed uptime, in general, is not less than 98%. More details are available in the dedicated sections of each individual service, depending on the subscription plan you have chosen.

My Teams has partners on the European territory such as IBM and Aruba Business, where it has developed its Cloud technology.
However, on request, we can locate data in specific countries, for example for some customers, we have configured and installed Work systems limited to the Italian territory.

My Teams supports our customers from the purchase to the commissioning of the chosen services. If necessary, we can help you design the structure best suited to your needs, provide both remote and classroom training on request, or provide “all in one” IT services. 
Our team of experts can provide you with high-quality support, security of your infrastructure and dedicated upgrade plans, including our additional corporate brands such as “GdpRocket & 360Rocket”. 


MyTeams is a product
designed and distributed by
Tecnostudi Ambiente s.r.l. and
HackMind by Proietti Claudio 

Registered office

Via Sardegna 50, ROME

VAT number: 04737971004

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All our customers can request support on our dedicated portal.