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Your meetings just a click away!

Always stay connected with your team and collaborate quickly, as well as effectively, by organising video conferences.

MY Meet is based on OpenSource Jitsiplatforms, but with the support and customisation by our Team!

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Costs per Month + VAT with annual payment in advance.
Possibility of discounts for purchases over several years. 
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  •  1 Manager
  •  5 Connections
  • Unlimited Rooms
  •  Screen Share
  • Chat
  • Mobile APP 


  •   2 Manager
  •  15 Connections
  •  Unlimited Rooms
  •  Screen Share
  •  Chat 
  •  Mobile APP 


  •   5 Manager
  •  30 Connections
  •  Unlimited Rooms
  •  Screen Share
  •  Chat
  •  Mobile APP 


  •  1 Manager
  •  +60 Connections
  •  Unlimited Rooms
  •  Screen Share
  •  Chat
  •  APP Mobile

Compare which subscription is the most suitable

MyTeams, offers its customers three "subscriptions": Basic, Standard, Pro and Plus.
For any specific requests, please contact us!

Features BasicStandard PRO PLUS
GDPR Compliance
Encrypted data traffic (HTTPS via TLS)
Dedicated Domain
Dedicated SSL Pro
Custom Graphics
Unlimited number of users
For big meetings or all-hands
Monthly charge
Hourly charge


As previously stated, Meet is a service that is based on Jitsi. Hence, being it an opensource, anyone can install and configure it on their PC or server. Having used Jitsi within the company for many years, we know that setting up and maintaining a production environment can be difficult and costly. We have therefore decided to offer our customers a professional, transparent and ready to use service. We want you to be up and running in the shortest possible time, saving on management costs.

Guaranteed uptime is: 99.80%

The uptime only applies to the availability of the Meet web interface. Any scheduled maintenance is excluded.

Our services are GDPR compliant but we know that often this is not enough, so we decided to go further. Meet uses the HTTPS protocol with TLS encryption. No data is stored and each Room can be password-protected.

My Teams has partners on the European territory such as IBM and Aruba Business, where it has developed its Cloud technology. Meet resides on servers in the Italian territory. However, on request, we can locate the data in specific countries.

For customers who choose the BASIC option, we give the possibility to have an easy targeting on our servers like: protected by SSL Let’s encrypt certificate, while for STANDARD customers, we will create a dedicated domain protected by SSL Let’s encrypt and registered in the name of the customer, like: meet.companyname.domain. For PRO users, instead, the SSL certificate is PRO type registered in the name of the customer, the DNS will be like the Standard.

If the customer already has a domain in its name and/or an SSL pro, simply provide us with the details and we will support it.


MyTeams is a product
designed and distributed by
Tecnostudi Ambiente s.r.l. and
HackMind by Proietti Claudio 

Registered office

Via Sardegna 50, ROME

VAT number: 04737971004

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All our customers can request support on our dedicated portal.